A selection of photographs from the artist's studio and recent exhibitions.

frontofbicycle, Basel. April 2019

Studio, 2019

A Thousand Words, London, 2018

A Thousand Words, London, 2018

FreeHaus exhibition, Llandudno, 2016

Ffin y Parc Gallery, 2018

Portraiture workshop with sitter Elf Lyons, Machynlleth Comedy festival 2018

First Well Thumbed pictures ready for pop-up exhibition, 2017

Lisa Heledd Jones, Ffin y Parc Gallery, 2017

Oils, varnishes. Bits, bobs.

Art studio at Tabernacle Gallery, all set for Machynlleth Comedy Festival portraiture workshop, 2017

Palettes and paints, 2017

Framing painting for Ffin y Parc exhibition, 2017

Studio session with Anna and Andrea, 2016

Selecting work for FreeHause exhibition, 2016

Thanks again to Miranda. Splendid idea for a pose. 2016

Beth Powlesland, 2016

Delighted that Nigel is happy with his portrait. 2016

Miranda experimenting with a hula-hoop, 2015

Lila celebrating one of her less conventional poses. 2015

The Riverfront, Newport, 2014

Elis James opening MOMA Cymru exhibition during Machynlleth Comedy Festival, 2014. Big thanks.

Mike Wozniak, MOMA Cymru, 2014

David Trent, MOMA Cymru, 2014