Machynlleth Comedy Festival portraiture workshop

May 8th, 2019

Very much enjoyed Sunday’s portraiture workshop at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival.

Sitters Mark Silcox and Emma Sidi were great to work with, and, as ever, the artists – most with little or no experience – produced some beautiful pictures. Always an inspiration.

Hats off and big thanks to all involved, and to The Tabernacle Gallery, who every year let us use their lovely studio.


Return of company dancers

May 3rd, 2019

As the new season begins the company dancers have returned to the rehearsal room and begun work on Romeo a Juliet, choreographed by Darius James and Any Doughty. Great to see so many familiar faces, and to meet new additions to the company, Danila Marzilli and Joshua Feist. Looking forward to getting to work with everyone, and creating a new series of pictures.

Very grateful to the wonderful dancers of Ballet Cymru’s Pre-Professionals Programme, who for the past few months have been the focus of my work and a great inspiration. A hugely talented and determined group, whom it’s been a privilege to work with. Good luck to them all as they move forward with their careers.

Romeo a Juliet opens at The Riverfont, Newport, on Thursday 30th May. Tickets here. See Ballet Cymru’s website for tour dates across Wales and England.


Interview with Toothpickmoon

March 30th, 2019

To misquote Withnail, some years ago I took part in an art fair by mistake. It wasn’t all terrible though, as I got to meet Franceska McCullough – an artist full of vim, with an exotic accent (US), who, amongst other things, creates extraordinary, endlessly intricate sculptures from toothpicks.

Last week Franceska kindly interviewed me about my artistic practice and cat for her blog, Toothpick Moon. Find this and much else here.


New prints

March 14th, 2019

This set of postcards, featuring drawings of some of the wonderful dancers of Ballet Cymru’s Pre-Professional Programme and details of my forthcoming exhibitions at Ffin y Parc Gallery and Wales Millennium Centre, will be available for free at forthcoming performances, starting with Ballet Cymru 2 – Made in Wales at The Riverfront, Newport, on March 19th and the Dance House, Cardiff, on the 22nd. They will also be available at Ballet Cymru Friends events.

Riverfront details here.

Dance House details here.

Ballet Cymru Friends details here.

Painting project funded by the Arts Council of Wales. Please see Exhibitions above for details.


Work in progress

March 9th, 2019

Underdrawing more or less finished on the largest canvas I’ve ever attempted, and for the first time needing two easels – the one on the left given to me a few years ago by my old chum Reg Eldridge. Lovely to be putting it to use.

The painting is a reworking of a moment between Ann Louise Wall, Giulia Rossi and Colleen Grace, choreographed by Jack Philp and previously explored on a much smaller scale (Ballet Cymru rehearsal 126). My hope is that it will be one of a number of larger canvases exhibited at Ffin y Parc Gallery and Wales Millennium Centre later this year.