Work with Giulia Rossi and Renan Manhães

May 26th, 2019

Most of the pictures I’ve made so far in my Arts Council of Wales-funded project with Ballet Cymru have involved dancers taking part in the company’s Pre-Professionals Programme. Last Saturday I was able to work with two of these dancers, Giulia Rossi and Renan Manhães, developing ideas inspired by their very bold and expressive piece Untitled Yet, choreographed by Renon.

It was a hugely fun and productive session, during which I was able to explore some new thoughts about responding to dance on paper and canvas – ideas I’ll be taking further in coming work, and in further collaborations with Ballet Cymru dancers and choreographers.

Many thanks to Giulia and Renan, and very best of luck to them, and to their fellow pre-professional Anaïs Gentjens, as they premier Untitled Yet at the Sayawan Festival, London, on June 1st – 7pm, St Augustine’s Hall, Oxford Rd, NW6 5SN. Cardiff performances TBA.


Get Creative workshops with Ballet Cymru

May 15th, 2019

Really enjoyed yesterday’s figure drawing workshops at Ballet Cymru’s studios – participants from eight years old, ranging from experienced artists to complete beginners working from the figure for the first time. Beautiful work, often in response to some very challenging poses!

Big thanks to all who took part, Ballet Cymru, Get Creative, and to fantastic dancers/models Kiby Forcos, Caitlin Liston, Emma Ikavalko, Giulia Rossi, Anaïs Gentjens and Renan Manhaes – all with the company’s Pre-Professionals programme.

Pop-up exhibition at Ballet Cymru’s friend’s event on Friday 17th May. Tickets available via their website.


Figure drawing workshops with Ballet Cymru

May 8th, 2019

As part of next week’s Get Creative Festival, on Tuesday May 14th I’ll be running two figure drawing workshops at Ballet Cymru’s rehearsal studios in Rogerstone, Newport.

Free to access and suitable for artists of all ages and experience, the workshops will be an opportunity to explore dynamic figure drawing in an inspiring setting, working with dancers from the company’s Pre-Professionals programme.

Charcoal, paper, drawing boards and refreshments will be provided, though participants are also welcome to bring their own drawing materials/equipment.

Workshops will be two hours long, beginning at 1.30pm and 4pm. Younger children to be accompanied, please.

Participants will be invited to exhibit a selection of their work in a pop-up exhibition at the company’s Friends’ event on Friday 17th.

To book, please contact Jenny Isaacs at Ballet Cymru on (01633) 892 927, or email, specifying which session you’d like to join.


Machynlleth Comedy Festival portraiture workshop

May 8th, 2019

Very much enjoyed Sunday’s portraiture workshop at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival.

Sitters Mark Silcox and Emma Sidi were great to work with, and, as ever, the artists – most with little or no experience – produced some beautiful pictures. Always an inspiration.

Hats off and big thanks to all involved, and to The Tabernacle Gallery, who every year let us use their lovely studio.


Return of company dancers

May 3rd, 2019

As the new season begins the company dancers have returned to the rehearsal room and begun work on Romeo a Juliet, choreographed by Darius James and Any Doughty. Great to see so many familiar faces, and to meet new additions to the company, Danila Marzilli and Joshua Feist. Looking forward to getting to work with everyone, and creating a new series of pictures.

Very grateful to the wonderful dancers of Ballet Cymru’s Pre-Professionals Programme, who for the past few months have been the focus of my work and a great inspiration. A hugely talented and determined group, whom it’s been a privilege to work with. Good luck to them all as they move forward with their careers.

Romeo a Juliet opens at The Riverfont, Newport, on Thursday 30th May. Tickets here. See Ballet Cymru’s website for tour dates across Wales and England.