Freehaus figure drawing workshop

Had a lot of fun running a figure drawing workshop at Culture Action Llandudno’s Freehaus art school.


Students (from primary school age to retired) spent Saturday working from life with two dancers – Angharad Harrop (the model for my own Freehaus pictures) and her friend Deborah Lago – who experimented with a wide range of poses, arrived at through improvised dance informed by the Brazilian tradition of Capoeira, which Angharad and Deborah practise. As the dancers improvised together with slow, fluid movement, the students were free at any point to say stop, at which the models froze.


An album of images is here, and below it on the timeline is a video of Deborah and Angharad finding one of the poses.


The idea for this process, incidentally, came from my experience painting dancer John Livingston in 2014, when John danced in my studio, periodically freezing into positions for me to draw. It was fascinating to see two models working together in this way, and great to see the drawings they inspired.


Big thanks to all involved.


FreeHaus students will exhibit their work from the 26th to 29th August. Please see the CALL website for details.


August 17, 2016
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