Working (and not working) during lockdown

Revisiting earlier source material, for the first month or so of lockdown I continued to paint and draw, though before long realised my attention was often elsewhere and I was struggling to focus. I made a few pictures I was happy with, but – like everyone – was finding the unfolding situation difficult to adjust to, and after a while realised I needed a break from the studio.


Now (after five weeks of DIY misadventures), I’m happy to be getting back to work and hope to manage things a little better.


As well as returning to the unfinished canvases I found waiting in the studio, I’m very excited to be talking to self-isolating dancers about ways in which we might collaborate remotely, and perhaps find new ways to create pictures together. It’s been uplifting to see the innovations of so many other artists – including Ballet Cymru, with their regular videos and livestreams – as they’ve adapted their practices in response to the restrictions and uncertainties affecting us all, and I’m finding a lot of inspiration in that.


Future exhibitions are all necessarily up in the air. Front of Bicycle was unable to go ahead with its spring show in Basel, and the Albany Gallery and Ffin y Parc Gallery remain closed to visitors (though both are very active online). Other shows previously in the pipeline for later in the year are now uncertain, though I shall update when I can.


That said, I hope everyone is well and keeping safe, and finding their ways through this extraordinary time. I’ll be posting new pictures fairly soon, I expect, and, as always, will welcome any comments.


June 3, 2020
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