Sunday life drawing sessions

Until about ten years ago I used to run regular life drawing/painting groups from my studios in Brixton and Streatham, in South London, and later in Wales. For a long time these sessions were central to my practice, enambling me to employ models and experiment with technique, etc, though were also very satisfying in terms of bringing people together to draw and share ideas. As my work began to drift into portraiture I discontinued the sessions, but now, after re-evaluating things during lockdown - and particularly missing group activities, and the foundational aspects of working from life - I'm looking forward to resuming them.


Provisional plans are to have weekly sessions on Sunday mornings and afternoons, open to four or five artists, and splitting the costs (reduced for students, etc) to cover models' fees. Groups won't be formally tutored, though will be supportive and welcoming to artists of all levels of experience.


The first sessions will be on October 10th 2021.


If you might be interested, do drop me a line for further information. Please note that my studio is in Cadoxton, Barry, in the Vale of Glamorgan. 

August 29, 2021
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