Charcoal sketching and Sunday Life Drawing

An assortment of recent sketches made variously with Ballet Cymru, lifedrawing with Cardiff Umbrella, and Zoom portraiture sessions with Singulart - the latter involving artists around the world posing for each other, each for the duration of a single song.


Besuited figures made from rehearsal of Be-Real, choreographed by Ballet Cymru Pre-Professional dancer Amy Groves (who also created a beautiful performance for the opening of TYFI, at Blackwater Gallery - see photo in Gallery).


Looking forward to more drawing from life as I resume Sunday Life Drawing at my studio  in Barry, South Wales, next month. Sessions will run roughly fortnightly, from 1pm to 4pm, with lunch beforehand for those who'd like to come a bit early.  Although not formally tutored, the setting will be relaxed and supportive, and suitable for artists of all levels of experience. If interested in coming along, or in joining the mailing list for notification of upcoming dates, please let me know.


Sunday Life Drawing is on Facebook here.  


Booking via Ticket Tailor here

December 28, 2022
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